About Our Practice

POA has been serving the Valley with artificial limbs, braces, and mastectomy care since 1986. POA has been under the same ownership for over 30 years. Our focus is patient care. We want to help each patient to have success with any goal no matter how big or how small, we are here to partner with you to achieve a quality lifestyle. Whether your goal is to live life with less pain or more stability to allow you to either go to the grocery store, walk around the house, golf, hike, or climb a mountain~ POA is able to help you gain success.

Physicians have been sending us the most complicated patients for years because POA can solve the problem(s) for the most complex patient. We listen to our patients and fully evaluate the patient to find the source of the issue at hand. We take into consideration the patient’s environment, daily activity requirements, and functional level to provide solutions that that best meet each and everyone of our patient’s unique situations for their prosthesis, braces, or mastectomy items. Whatever the patient’s situation, POA will fit the patient to meet the functionality and ease of use for their situation. You can have confidence that POA will provide the very best care and comprehensively meet your needs.

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