POA is trained on the latest technology to meet the diverse needs of our patients.  POA will personalize your prosthetic system to meet your lifestyle and goals.  Each prosthesis is customized to meet your unique shape, size, strength, and activity level.  Whether you want to dance at your granddaughters wedding or climb Mount Everest, POA will develop a prosthesis for your needs and lifestyle.
We are living in a time where new technology is coming out all of the time which is very exciting for the prosthetic community.  Ossur has a new mechanical foot called the Pro-Flex which has 82% increase in range of ankle motion and a 92% increase in peak ankle power.  Ossur also has the micro-processor PROPRIO Foot as well as an update of the RHEO micro-processor knee (MPK).  In addition to the well-known Otto Bock C-leg micro-processor knee, Otto Bock also has the Genium and X3 MPK’s.  DAW has released their newest micro-processor knee the Stealth MPK 2.0.

Recently, for our patients we offered trials of the newest micro-processor and mechanical feet from Freedom Innovations, BionX Medical Technologies (formerly BiOM), and Ossur.  The Kinnex is the new micro-processor Freedom foot which has 30 degrees of micro-processor controlled motion which is a definite advantage for adapting to terrain.  We were actually the first facility in the nation, not just the state, to give our patients the opportunity to try the new emPOWER  foot by BionX.  The emPOWER amazed each of the patients that tried the foot and ankle combination.  The third trial was with the   Pro-Flex a new design from Ossur, this foot utilizes mechanics in a very advanced way that really wowed our patients.  

Technology advancements are not only limited to feet, knees, and hands anymore.  There are now technological advancements in socket and suspension technology.  There really are a myriad of options to build the prosthesis that meets your specific demands and personal needs.  Even though there may be insurance limitations, there have been so many advances that there are many new options to choose from.  The myriad of choices allows you and our clinical staff to design and fabricate a prosthesis that meets your physical requirements to help you do all the things you desire to do!

The following is a partial list of companies that we have experience with and access to: Otto Bock, Ossur, DAW, Freedom Innovations, Fillauer, Medi, Trulife, College Park, Euro International, Endolite, Hosmer, BioQuest, Ohio WillowWood, BIONX, BiOM, UNYQ, Ability Dynamics, Martin Bionics, CJ Socket Technologies, and Touch Bionics to name a few of the top prosthetic component suppliers.

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