POA is the most comprehensive lower extremity bracing provider in the valley. We are the only Prosthetic Orthotic Facility to offer DBS- the most dynamic and advanced lower extremity bracing system available.

POA also fits and evaluates for the WalkAide and FES bracing solution. POA is able to fit any kind of orthotic device or brace for any part of the body. If possible we will custom fit the patient with an off-the-shelf item. If this is not possible, then we will take an impression for a custom fabricated brace. Some examples are: Foot Drop (AFO), KAFO, Knee braces, ankle braces, foot orthotics, compression garments, cranial helmets, back braces, cervical braces, and wrist-hand braces just as a sampling. At POA we even design solutions for patients where there is no ready made solution.

POA is known for solving problems for the most complicated patient. Our comprehensive approach to patient care allows for achieving great success.

POA is the only company in Arizona that provides the most technologically advanced orthotic device available. DBS~ Dynamic Bracing Solutions. To see videos of this brace to to: www.dynamic bracingsolutions.net. The DBS brace restores lost functions that patient’s never thought would return. There is no other lower extremity device available that provides correction, results, and improved mobility.

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