Mike Stautner

“My name is Mike Stautner and I have been an active basketball player, runner, dancer and bicycle rider through high school, college, the Air Force, my work life and continue all of these in retirement. Thirteen years ago, at age 53 I herniated a disk, L5 S1, and did not have surgery. This started a decline in the functioning of my right foot, creating a “drop foot” condition that has become increasingly bothersome. Falling on your face was not fun, and basketball & softball performance suffered drastically and I was…


Lynn Greenwood

“What a blessing today was for my Mom, Dad and me. Thank you for your incredible gift to get Mom in to see Debra. She was so wonderful; she was able to click with Mom and Dad. Her grace and knowledge came across and she was able to make a difference in Mom’s ability to be more comfortable and to accept her circumstances in wearing the had brace. To give you an idea of your blessing; once Debra had fit the girdle and made the adjustments to the brace, you…


George Lombard

“When I first presented myself to Sander Nassan at Prosthetic Orthotic Associates (POA), in the fall of 2009, I was in very bad shape. I was still recovering from 2nd, 3rd, and 4th degree burns (mostly lower extremities) incurred in my house fire in January 2008, from which equinocavovarus contractures had developed in both fee (30 degrees on the left and 20 degrees on the right). In addition I had been poorly served for months by another orthotic vendor with AFO’s which were ill-fitting, very painful, poorly constructed, and caused…


Bobby Deveaux

“I am walking better today than 1975! Thank you POA!”

~Bobby Deveaux


Donna Feeney

“I have been an RN and healthcare administrator for 30 years, however, my professional experience did not prepare me for the experience of bilateral mastectomy followed by the reconstruction process.”

“One of my biggest frustrations came after the reconstruction surgery was completed and I was ready to again wear a bra. The implants used to form reconstructed breasts flatter than natural breasts, making it very difficult to find a bra that fits without puckering. I asked my plastic surgeon for information, only to have him tell me “I have no…


Frank Smith

"I started going to POA in the summer of 2007. I already had a prosthetic leg which I had received from another facility but it left me sore a lot. I had spent over a year getting that leg to the point where was only miserable.””After going to POA they spent the better part of a year on and off reworking my socket until they had it right they refused to give up until it was what it was supposed to be.”

“I have been very happy with my treatment…


Bill Harding

“Sander is a nice guy, and when I needed a new leg after having it amputated, he was there for me. I lost my leg in 1966, and I’ve been seeing him for repairs, etc., since 1986. I think he has a great tableside manner to him. I would definitely give him high ratings, and he’s always looking out for his patients. When I first met him, he called me shortly after a visit around 10 p.m. one night and said, “I think I can come up with something that…


Shelley A. Smith

“The following is my success story for POA”:

“My first visit to POA was the Summer of 2004. I was sent there by my podiatrist of about 17 years to get a brace made for my right foot. I had a partial tear of a tendon and was under the impression I would be wearing the brace permanently. I was not pleased about this but at least the brace Sander made kept me pain-free so I wore it daily.”

“Sander also made me a deep orthotic for my left foot…


Bill Delahay

“I would recommend Sander to anyone, because he is so compassionate. When my wife had her leg amputated, Sander took a great deal of time to speak with us. He made sure to explain the various options that were available to us before making her prosthesis. I was so impressed by him and the way he spoke to both me and my wife, that I decided to pay him a visit myself. I’m on my third piece now with Sander. He really knows his stuff and what he is doing.…


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